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CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst

The CFA certificate (Chartered Financial Analyst) is an international financial program that covers many specialties such as macroeconomics, corporate finance, financial analysis, quantitative methods, and professional ethics.

 Additionally, it includes the different types and characteristics of investments, as well as investment portfolio management.
The CFA certificate is intended for those who aspire to build a career in financial analysis and investment.

Who can benefit from the training?
- Those who want to gain deep knowledge in commercial banking, investment banking, insurance;
- Those who aspire to become international-level specialists as financial analysts;
- Those who want to develop their investment portfolio management skills;
- Individuals aiming to become a CFA Charterholder.

What you will learn in the training:
- Financial reports and analysis;
- Calculation methods;
- Economy;
- Corporate finance;
- Portfolio management;
- Capital investments;
- Fixed incomes;
- Derivative financial instruments and alternative investments;
- Ethical and professional standards.

Our students who join the training are officially guaranteed by the course. For this guarantee to be valid, attendance must be in order, and results in the "mock exams" organized during the training period must not be lower than 50%. If these conditions are met, a voucher is provided that allows you to re-attend our training courses at a 50% discount (in some cases, free of charge) if you fail your CFA exam.
Students who want to participate in the training must have at least an intermediate to upper-intermediate level of English.
The training is taught by four different trainers who specialize in their respective fields.

10 months

80 lessons


Azerbaijani and English